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►This is a one-time temperature recorder designed specifically for temperature monitoring of cold chain logistics.
►Full temperature record monitoring, compact and lightweight, waterproof packaging, easy to operate, automatically generate PDF reports, full temperature data curve and log list, LED indicators reflect alarm status in a timely manner.
►Applications: Milchigs, Frozen food, Seafood, Blood, Vaccines, Drugs, High-tech sensitive products,Cold chain transport, wild temperature detection.
•The device supports USB-2.0 communication mode
•Low power consumption for long-term off-line recording data
•Connect the computer, the device is identified as U disk, all recorded data are saved in the device by pdf file format.
•The device uses CR2032 power supply, easy to removable and exchangeable


Power supply: 1 x CR2032 (Included)
Temperature range: -33 C ~ + 77 C
Accuracy: +/- 2 C 
Operating Voltage: DC 3V
Low Quiescent Current: < 10uA
Sensor Active Current: 3mA (Typical)
Flash Active Current: 9mA(Typical)
Average power: 0.03 mW

Package includes:

1 x PDF Temperature Recorder
1 x Operating Instruction Card

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