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TEMPerX232 is a comprehensive USB thermometer. 
It research by RDing TECH company. 
Device build-in temperature and humidity sensors.
It through expansion interface can connect other probes. (Such as DS18B20 probe, TX probe,HS10 probe.)  
USB support HID mode and USB to COM port mode.

•TEMPerX232 is USB interface. It supports for HID character printing mode and COM port mode. COM port communication mode instruction is text format. 
•Device build-in high-precision temperature and humidity sensor .Used for detection temperature and humidity of environment;
•Device has a 3.5mm audio interface for external probe; (DS18B20 sensor, TX sensor and HS10 sensor)
•Offer windows, Linux, android drive.
•The software support all Windows system, supports data logging, Email alarm, graph transformation, Skype and MSN function. MSN/Skype function enables remote viewing data.
•In addition, the data can be saved into TXT or CSV format automatically, Can be opened by Excel conveniently.


Internal sensor: Temperature range: -40 ~ + 85 ℃, Humidity rang: 0 ~ 100RH%;
Temperature Resolution: 0.01℃;
Humidity Resolution: 0.04RH%;
Temperature accuracy: ± 0.3℃(In the range of 0~60℃);
Humidity Accuracy: ± 3 RH% (In the range of 20RH% ~ 80RH%);
Voltage: 5V
Current: <20mA
RS232 Baud Rate: 9600bps
External sensors please refer to the corresponding sensor specifications.

Package includes:

1 x USB Thermometer
1 x USB Cable
1 x CD

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