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Functional, security, precision accurate, stable quality analog multimeters.
- Hand-held pointer multimeter
- Pen and table integrated structure and easy to carry
-6 Function 16 Range
- AC / DC voltage can be measured maximum 500V
- DC current maximum measurable 250mA
- Measure the maximum measurable resistance 1MΩ
- Battery test 1.5V and 9V
- Input impedance: 2KΩ / VDC / VAC
- Fuse: F500mA / 250V
- Compliance with international safety standards: EN61010-1, CAT II, 600V
DC Voltage:2.5V/10V/50V/250V/500V                       ±5% f.s. 2kΩ/V     
AC Voltage:10V/50V/500V                                            ±5% f.s. 2kΩ/V      
DC Current :0.5mA/10mA/250mA                                ±5% f.s.
Resistance:  R10KΩ /R1MΩ                                          ±5% full arc
Decibels test: -10~+56dB((0dB:0.775V 1mV 600Ω)
Battery test: 1.5V&9V
Dimensions : 155*88*49mm
Power supply :9V 6F22 battery×1,1.5V AA battery*2(included)
Package Includes:
1 x KT7005 Analog Multimeter
1 x Test Leads
1 x Protective case
1 x English User Manual
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