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D52-2048 Multi-functional digital-display meter can measure the AC voltage and current, and compute the active power, reactive power and power factor at the same time.
Good stability and high measurement accuracy Appearance in a standard size, easy to install.
Measurement accuracy:1% +/- two words
LED display: AC voltage and currant with 4-digital 0.31 inch LED;
active power, reactive power and power factor with 5-digital 0.31 inch LED
AC Voltage measurement range:AC 80-300V/200-450V(Slect specific type when order)
AC Current measurement range: AC 0-100A(the resolution ratio will change by itself, when input current lower than 100A, the resolution ratio is 0.01A; when input current higher
than 100A, the resolution ratio is 0.1A)
Active power: AC80-300V: 0-30000W
Apparent power: AC80-300V: 0-30000VA,
AC200-450V: 0-45000VA
Power factor:1.000-0.000
Measurement speed:about 2 times per second
Size: approx 80mm x 54mm x 64mm
Net Weight: 119g
Package included:
1 x Multi-Functional Meter
1 x English Manual

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