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Product Description

Description :
– This DC power supply is a single set of output, high precision double display switch dc power supply. The machines have complete operating protection function, with high performance, low ripple, high stability, light weight and small volume etc. Current limiting protection can make PS power supply and load against accidental damage. KPS series power supply with low temperature control circuit, and the noise of cooling fan is low.
Features :
– Dual voltage input and convenient choice.
– Double potentiometer, more precise adjustment.

– Mini but professional switching DC power supply.

– Temperature control fan heat dissipation, low noise.

– Highly efficient, low ripple, small volume, light weight.

– Double LED display of voltage and current, high precision.

– With replaceable fuse, convenient to change the protective tube.

– The DC power supply has complete operating protection function.

– Voltage stabilization, current limiting, simple operation feature the DC power supply.

– Applied in production line test, electrical maintenance, aging products, battery charging, laboratories scientific research and teaching and all other need DC regulated power supply.
Specification :
PS605D3-digit display
PS605DM4 digit display
Working conditions
Input voltageAC110V/220V 10%, 50Hz
Working environmentTemperature: 0C~40C; Humidity: <85%
Storage environmentTemperature: -10~70C; temperature: < 90%
Technical Parameters
Output voltage regulation value0~30
Ripple noise≤ 5mA
Current stability≤0.2% soil 3mA/5mA
Load stability≤ 0. 2% ± 3mA / 5mA
Working condition
Output voltage0~5
Voltage stability≤0. 01% +3mA
Load stability≤0. 01% +5mV
Recovery time
≤100μS (50% load change, minimum load current 0.5A)
Ripple noise≤0.5mV (5Hz 1MEHz)
Temperature coefficient
Other parameters
Product sizeAbout 80mmX210mmX160mm
Package weightAbout 1.8KG

Package Included :
1 x DC Power Supply
1 x Power cord
1 x Output line
1 x Instruction manual

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