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Product Description

Product description:
The NPS-W series is a three-window display mini DC power supply that simultaneously displays voltage, current, and power.
This product improves the shortcomings of traditional linear power supplies that are bulky, heavy, and inefficient.
The output voltage and current of the product can be controlled and adjusted by coarse adjustment and fine adjustment potentiometer respectively, so it provides more convenience and precision in voltage and current adjustment.
- Small size, light weight and high power density.
- Constant voltage, constant current automatic switching.
- Voltage, Current, Power 3 window display.
- Temperature controlled fan heat dissipation, low noise and long life.
Application field:
1. Production line testing.
2. Mobile phone, computer, electrical maintenance.
3. Product aging, plating.
4. Charge the battery.
5. Laboratory, research and teaching.
6. Everything else needs a DC regulated power supply.


Product model
Output Voltage0~30V
Output Curent0~6A
Output Power180W
Workling environment
Iinput voltage:
AC 230V/115V+10%; 50Hz/60Hz
Working temperature:
0C~40C; relative humidity: <80%RH
Storage temperature: 
-10C~70C; relative humidity: <70%RH
Constant voltage CV
Voltage stability: 
0. 1%+3mV
Load stability: 
Ripple voltage:
=0. 5% Vp-p
0 to rated voltage continuously adjustable
Constant current CC
Current stability:
Load stability:
Ripple current: 
=0. 5% Vp-p
Recovery time: =500us
Temperature coefficient: =100ppm/℃
0 to rated current continuously adjustable
Three-window digital tube display: voltage, current, powe
Display accuracy: 0.5%+digits
Display resolution: voltage 0.1V, current 0.01A, Power 0. 1W/1W
Size and weight
Product size:70()x 130(H)x 230(L)mm
Net weight: 
1. 3Kg

Package include:

1 x NPS306W DC Power Supply
1 x Output Test Line
1 x Manual

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