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DL69-2047 80-300V 200-450V Multi-functional Digital Display AC Voltmeter / Ammeter / Power Meter Current Transformer

-The accuracy of the tests is 1%, 2 digits.
-Displays AC voltage and current in 0.32 inch 4-digit LED; It shows the active power, the electric power and the power factor in 0.32 inch 5-digit LED.
-Press the button to change the screen of active energy, electric power and power factor.
-The measurement resolution can change automatically.
-Only suitable for the supply of the AC50Hz network.
The measured circuit must pass through the hole of the current transformer.
Accuracy: 1%, 2 digits
Voltage range: ca 80-300 V
Current range: ca 0-100A
Active power range: 0-30000 W
Scope of the Power Factor: 1,000-0,000
Electric power range: 0-99999kwh
Test speed: twice per second
Item size: approximately 7.8×4.2×4.6 cm / 3.1×1.7 x inches
Item weight: approximately 83g / 3 oz
Package size: approximately 9 * 4.5 * 5 cm / 3.5 * 1.8 * 2 inches
Package weight: approximately 93g / 3.3oz
Use: useful instrument to test current, voltage, active power, electric power and power factor. Easy to use and maintain.
Package includes:
1 x Cable
1 x Voltmeter
1 x User manual (English)

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