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1,Teljia T-333 mini power supply is designed for mobile phone repair, using advanced power management smart chip, super current cut-off short circuit protection speed!
2,This machine also has a light touch function, the voltage and current are displayed by the digital tube at a glance, especially the external physical pointer 3A meter, which is more convenient to see the instantaneous current jump. Input AC110V-240V 4A, output DC4.2 and 5.02 two gears, output current 3A.
3,You can directly use the charging treasure power supply, convenient mobile phone home repair and carry!
4,You can supply power through 220V, or you can charge power!
5,You can directly boot the motherboard directly to boot, you can also charge the phone! Standard high potential standard power output line!

Input Power AC: 110-240V 50/60HZ 
Output DC voltage: 4.2V 5.02V 
Output Current: 3A
3A pointer ammeter
Digital tube voltmeter
Power adapter interface
Output voltage conversion button
Voltage output wire holder
Digital tube ammeter
One-button power-on function trigger button
Apple phone repair cable USB interface
Package included:

1 x Voltmeter
1 x One Set of Accessories

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