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Accuracy: 1%±2 words
Display Mode: AC voltage and power factor use four red led of 0.32-inch              
AC current use four red led of 0.32-inch             
Active power, electric energy use five green led of 0.32-inch
3.Range: AC voltage : AC 80.0-300.0V               
                                    AC 0.0-100.0A ( when measure signal lower than 100A, the accuracy is 0.01A, when measure signal higher than 100A, the accuracy is 0.1A, the accuracy auto-change)              
Active power: 0.0-30000W ( measure voltage AC 80.0 – 300.0V )                         
                       0.0-45000W ( measure voltage AC 200.0 – 450.0V )            
Electric energy: 0.000-99999kwh               
Power factor: 1.000-0.000
Speed: 2 times per second
Size: 79 x 43 x 486.
Installation Size: 76 x 39
Package included:

1 x Digital Voltmeter

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