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Description :

D9-B D9-H Digital Air Quality Tester Detector Indoor/Outdoor HCHO & TVOC Detector CO2 Meter Monitor Tester USB Charging

Highly accurate indoor & outdoor air quality monitoring system with professional grade detection technology.
Detailedly analyze air quality in your surrounding and detect PM2.5, TVOC, HCHO, CO2, temperature & humidity.
3.5-inch TFT HD color display with wide viewing angle, which can reach 160°, convenient for your reading.
Rreal-time local outdoor air quality readings plus indoor temp, humidity, HCHO/TVOC and PM2.5/PM10 real time gas monitoring to prevent any respiratory disease. 
Suitable for using in the car, living room, house with new furniture & decoration, kitchen, bedroom, office, classroom, outdoor environment, etc.

Specification :

ItemDigital Air Quanlity Tester
Model#1: D9-B
#2: D9-H (Can be detecting CO₂)
Measure MediumPM2.5 & TVOC & HCHO & CO₂ 
Test FunctionPM2.5/PM1.0/PM10
0.3um/0.5um/1.0um/2.5um/5.0um/10um number of particles
Temperature & Humidity
PM2.5 Test Range0~6000g/m⊃3
Temperature Test Range-9~55°
Humidity Test Range0~100%
TVOC Test Range0.000~2.000mg/m⊃3; (D9-B, D9-H)
HCHO Test Range0.000~2.500 mg/m⊃3; (D9-B, D9-H)
CO₂ Test Range400~4000ppm (D9-H)
Detection TechniqueSemiconductor Sensing Technology
Working Temperature-9°~55°
Relative Humidity<80%HR
Battery1 * 3.7V 600mA Li-ion Battery (Built-in)
Input5V, 1A
Date & Time SettingUsers can set the current date and time
Adjustable Automatic Shutdown Time Setting Range10 Minutes – 18 Hours
Adjustable Backlight Brightness Setting10% – 100% 
Historical Data SettingsUsers can view historical data saved by the system
Maximum Storage Management Space65,534pcs 
Adjustable Timing Storage Settings10 Minutes – 18 Hours
Adjustable Timing Screen Switching Settings10 Seconds – 600 Seconds 
Weight219G / 7.73oz
Size84 x 60 x 118mm / 3.3" x 2.4" x 4.6"
Package Includes :
1 x Air Quality Tester
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual

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