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Including one independent small precise current transformer, you can lengthen the cable.
Display the AC voltage and current simultaneously by LED digital tube.
Easy measurement, just connect to power and lead the wire through the current transformer.
Wide measurement voltage and current range: AC voltage: AC 80-300V; AC current: AC 0-50.0A.
Help to remind you to turn off the high-power appliances, preventing safety problems and saving electricity.

Material: plastic.
Color: show as pictures.
Size: 70 x 40 x 39mm.
Measurement range: AC 80-300V 0-50.0A.
Power supply: < 0.2V*A.
Installation: Embedded installation.
Accuracy: 1% ± 2digit.
Measurement speed: About 2 times per second.
Display type: LED digital tube.
Package included:

1 x Digital LED AC Voltmeter / Ammeter

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